Last modified 19/07/05 12:19:38

Issues at 2005-07-06

  • We think we need  Kerberos and  LDAP. The University does not have a Keberos test environment and the general opinion is that we won't be allowed to use the 'live' version.
  • We can also influence the  ICTC Strategy Sub-Committee which sets IT strategy within the University.
  • Shibboleth only works through a browser and so won't work with the Lion Share client. Is this the case? How 'Shibbed' is Lion Share? The Lion Share white paper is not clear on this point.
  • How many UK HEI's have a Kerberos Realm? How useful is Kerberos authentication in the UK. Would a UK version of Lion Share have to be adjusted to use Shib or simmilar?
  • Who can we ask to find out who has what authenication system? We have contacted  MATU but have no response as yet