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Meetings that took place between, 07-11-05 and 11-11-05.

Meeting with LTG (Pete Robinson, Johnathan Miller (CLIC project), Howard Noble (ASK project), Adam Marshall (GUAN XI project), David White, Mike Taylor, Alex Valentine, Derek Morr (SPIRE / LIONSHARE) 09/11/05


  • SPIRE approach (3 prong (see Techinical Notes)
  • Shib maturity (only test at Oxford)
  • Construction of groups for LionShare (new UKERNA project mentioned)
  • Nature of LionShare / Shib trust / authentication by Derek (clients are also servers)
  • Need for LionShare to have Eduperson on LDAP + minor specialisations to Shib Federation metadata.
  • Pete pleased about the use of Creative Commons.
  • Need to find a user group for informal pilot (Howard mentioned a ship wreck exploration)
  • Pete offered some basic images for testing
  • It was agreed that LionShare was a good project to focus a number of issues surrounding groups and authentication etc
  • Much excitement at the ability for LionShare to search repositories via ECL and OKI OSID.


  • Lionshare demo by Alex

Meeting between Alex and OSS watch.

  • General interest in creative commons etc

Meeting between Derek, Mike and Ray Miller (OUCS)

  • Sorted out the correct key tab for Derek to connect Oxford LionShare test to the Oxford Kerberos / LDAP
  • Not ‘public’ LDAP function within Oxford but we somehow(?) were allowed to connect for 3 months
  • Oxford LDAP scoops up info from a number of systems around the university
  • REAL culture problem when talking to OUCS about this level of integration. Derek could talk the right language which was significant in that you need a network admin / security tribe member to do this stuff.