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More On Technical

  • After many failed attempts to get our Active Directory based version of LionShare running we have decided to go with LDAP as an alternative (2006-05-31)
  • Our Active Directory install is unstable with LionShare, currently looking into this (2006-01-31)
  • Possible problems with proxy server settings and LionShare.
  • Currently (2005-10-06) waiting for the promised release of version 1.0 of LionShare before proceeding with any more infrastructure work as the new version also has a re-write of the SASL-CA server.
  • The SASL-CA server written by the LionShare team is a mandatory component of the LionShare infrastructure as it provides network certificates for the LionShare desktop client. Here is the Diary of Mike Taylor as he goes through the process of linking up with the Oxford University Kerberos system and attempting to get the SASL-CA off the ground.
  • Issues at 2005-07-19
  • During the JISC Joint Programmers Conference I (David White) outlined the SPIRE project and gave a talk about using WIKIs for project management. These talks generated interest in the SPIRE project from Anne Robertson of the GRADE project at  EDINA and Wolfgang Greller of the  University of the Highlands and islands. It became clear that authentication issues would hold up collaboration . This caused a flurry of e-mails discussing the issues with non-web apps and shib + Athens / herald accounts.
  • Issues at 2005-07-06

To kick of the new round of JISC and related projects at Oxford we hosted an informal afternoon meeting on 2005-07-05. Project managers from SPIRE,  WCKER ASK and Guani Xi attended and gave short intros to these projects. About 15 people attended from various parts of the university. It became clear that there was interest in LionShare for the ASK project and for Oxford departments that routinely generate alot of images.

Jpg of the IdealResult displayed at the JISC conference 2005-07-07 / 08