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More On Application


  • Should the institution run informal services such as p2p or should they be outsourced in a similar manner to the BBCs blogging service. How can institutions delver collaborative / social services?


  • Discussion with the University Library Services: P2P may be best used 'behind the scenes' as a method of load balancing for digital library / repository systems.


  • What are the likely uses for Lion Share in the UK. Who could stand to benefit from this method of working the most? Groups that work with large amounts of imagery seem to be the first port of call, such as the Archaeologists and Medics in Oxford. How does this relate to copyright issues?
  • How can peer-2-peer search and retrieval be used within existing open source software such as  Reload? Could peer-2-peer be useful for collaborative authoring?
  • Narrative Use Cases 2005-08-18 help to clarify likely user groups and methods of working.